Thursday, September 26, 2013

Up Close and Personal (Art 2 emphasis)

 Sorry it's side ways.

1. Upclose and Personal was our theme. How did you develop your ideas for this project and why did you 
choose your subject?       I did pitchures that were close or showed a large area and i choose my cat because my cat is amazing.

2. How did you demonstrate Emphasis in your work?  I made the the eyes darker to draw focus to the eyes.

3. What medium did you decide to use and why did you choose this medium over the others? Discuss how it enhances your piece.        I picked color pencil becasue it i need to get more detail to the eyes and the fur.

4.. Did you take any risks with this project? Explain. Not really the biggest risk was adding the texture to the fur.

5. Of the 5 characteristics of great art (technique, concept, emotion, new, medium) which did you include in your art?         I did concept and medium because the I'm trying to show my cat as the concept and the medium helps with that.

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