Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art animation Final project

First you need to get your 2 images you want to combine.
Take off the background on your skull.
Then make the skull line up the with the face.
Then erase part of skull to show the face.
Change the color so they look alike and make it look nice.
Erase the background.
You don't need to but you should add a white background.
Then make a copy of it and put it to the side.
Then warp it so it spreads out.
Then add a layer mask and paint it black.
After that you get a white brush and you 
paint little spots.
Erase the other layer in little spots.
Then change the lighting and color of the image until it looks good.
Then your done.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art 2 book carving

Explain how you developed your design for your book carving.
I had a city first then i changed it to a nice view of a mountain.
How important was it to have a clear plan before starting?
If you don't have a plan you will probably have to start over from a mistake. 
What were the challenges you faced when working on this project?
For me, it was trying to make the layers stand out.
Discuss your design.
I did a field and behind that is some mountains. 
Did you take any risks? How and why?
Not really, because I didn't want to mess anything up.
Describe how you felt about the overall project and if you felt it was successful.
I felt like I did a good job and I felt like it was a little bit successful.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

photoshop part of final

I could of done a lot more if I had a  image with a white background.