Art 2 Final Portfolio

           Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project. Were the choices you made regarding material, size, technique, etc beneficial to enhancing this project.

 I feel like this was the most successful for many reasons. One, all the stuff goes together.Two, I have done stuff like this so it was easy.
Three it was the funnest project to do.
The problem was I didn't do a background.What I did was find a lot of cool images out of magazines and put them together. The problem was i couldn't find any good images for the background. 

Discuss one project where you felt you overcame the most obstacles. What were those obstacles and how to work through them? Explain how taking risks or challenging yourself made you a better artist. 
 There were some obstacles in this drawing. I had to get ride of the city because it was a hard to do it with the little carving tool. Second so pages got ripped so i had to get ride of those. The biggest thing was that there was a lot of re-planing. But it was  fine because in the end it worked out. 


       Look at your body of work over the semester and choose 2 pieces that show your growth as an artist. Discuss each piece and how you grew in the following areas: application of materials, techniques and skills, artistic vision, use of the principles and elements, creativity, intuition and subject matter.
The First one taught less about more about shading than drawing which is good. The second taught me that using different colors and many different shades can make a difference. Has the semester went on i was able to use my ideas better. My techniques and skill got better in many ways. My creativity didn't really change that much though.I got much better in application of materials because before this art I didn't really know how to use other materials at all.

     This semester we introduced a new way of teaching and learning. Students had choices in subject matter and materials. Explain your thoughts on how effective this was to your learning experience in this course. Provide examples through your art projects so we can see evidence of your learning.

I really like this semester and I love how we had more freedom in choosing what to do. There were two problems with the semester. One was we didn't have much time for projects. Like in the drawing above i wish I had more time because I love to draw in just plain pencil. Two I wish we had a little bit more freedom in choosing what to do. I could of done stuff I'm better at drawing if we didn't have topic. I wanted to do a car for most of the projects but because of the topic I didn't put them down as an idea. Overall I thought this was a good class.

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