Monday, October 22, 2012

Print making

1.     Describe the overall composition of your artwork (balance, unity, rhythm and movement).
  You can see the differecne in the pictchure by the movement of the lines and the balance of lines.
2.     How did you add texture and contrast to your print? Is this important? Why?
This is very important because without it you can't see the image but if you have contrast the texture you see the image clearly.

3.     Explain how you used positive and negative space to show your image.
It outlines the different areas so you can see the texture in the print.

4.     Describe the craftsmanship of your print. (How good the project is technically crafted)
Its a good outcome but sice this first time doing this it's not as good as i wanted to be.

5.     Were you able to achieve depth by showing a foreground, middle ground and back- ground? Explain.
I was only able to show a fore ground middle ground but i wasn't able to put in a backround because of the size of the animal.

6.     Explain your experience with Printmaking. What were the obstacles and advantages?

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  1. Your print is so mysterious. Perfect for this time of year. Very spooky. Congrats.