Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural

1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural.
 Everybody's ideas came together really nice. Like we kept adding ideas on to the drawing and it just keep getting better.

2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.
You callaboration or elsa everyone will what they want. WHen that happens it doesn't look like a hole drawing.

3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.
It truned out great, you interact with in many different ways. There's alot of different colors to draw your eyes to different places.

4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Invoving the whole school? 
It sort of makes the art seem more alive. If you can sit down an interact with it's alot better than looking at a painting on a wall.

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