Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art 2 non traditional art

1. Who did you choose to do a portrait of? Why did you choose that person? 
I did myself because I thought it would be easy.

2. When brainstorming about this project how did you decide what would be the best materials to use to create it? Explain how your material choice impacted the look of your piece. Why was this so important. Explain. I choose a background of pictures of me and a for ground of me made out of paperclips. It made it feel like it was popping out.

3. Describe the risks you took or that were involved in creating the project. What were the challenges you faced? The main part was the paper clips, they were really hard to get to stay down.

4. How did your choices impact the look and feel of the piece? Did your choice of materials have any connection with the person you chose to represent? Not really I saw them one day I knew I was going to do that.

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