Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art 1 Final Portfolio

Art 1 Fianl Portfolio
I think this the most successful peice that I did. It came out the way i wanted to and I love the colors. I added shading and texture to give make it look more real. If i took my time it could of turned out better. I also liked how the perspective made it look like you really looking at in real life. I wasnt sure if was soppuse to do th e edge but I like it better without the edge. I put in the game peaces in after I did everything elsa. Overall the peices looks very nice and I like it the best.

I think it learned the most from this one. Again I wish Ihad more time to add some detail the mountain and the ground. This helped with blending like in the clouds. I could of done some shading with the brigde and the wires going out from it. The road going to the bridge should of been like a walk way not just gray. I messed up alot and this help me learn my mistakes. Its hard to get all the detail in paintingl. Doing smaller stuff in painting is pretty hard. I learned alot about painting. I know how to make about all the colors i want so that is a big help.

This one was used alot of techniquies that i've done before. I've done clay a long time age. painting help get into those smaller places. Painting also helped because I new were to paint and were not to. Drawing and using texture help be add texture so it didn't look plain. The two trees in the front did pop out if you didnt notice. The clay was small I wish we had a bigger space. Getting the colors i wanted was easy because i new how to mis colors nicely. It was really fun molding the clay. This wasnt my orginal idea I change it alot as I went on which is why I love art

This drawing I thought was the least important to do. We new how to do it. I didn't work on it to much ether. I did mess up on the perspective the top of it should of been wider to make it look like it was standing. We do anything that was like this so it wasn't important. I think most of the people that did this new how to do it already. It was pretty boring to becuase we have done lots of penical drawings before. The shadow in the back wasn't good ether. If we had more time or if I put more effort in it, it would look better.
This one repersents me the most. I love buildings and this is very colorful stencil. I loved doing this because we made the stencil and we go to spray it. There is lots texture and making ti was easy. I loved how it turned out. It was just the way i wanted it. I was affraid the spray paint was going to leek down the painting but it was okay. I took some netting and sprayed over that ot give texture. The cutting part was fun but you had to be careful or elsa you really messed up. This one and the game drawing were my favorite.

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